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Competency Based Medical Education

Introduction to Academic Coaching

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Introduction to Academic Coaching

This online resource will introduce you to the concept of the Academic Coaching, and the key aspects of the concept.

“The CBD Coaching Model is part of an important philosophical shift in thinking about assessment and its purpose. In shifting emphasis from Assessment OF Learning (summative assessment) to Assessment FOR Learning (formative assessment), the Coaching Model uses assessment as a learning tool, not just an evaluation method.” – Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

What is Coaching?

In this video, Dr. Blake Yarascavitch introduces the concept of Academic Coaching.

Coaching Roles

In this video, Dr. Robin Mackin explains the role of both the Academic Coach and coachee.

Responsibilities of an Academic Coach

In this video, Dr. Blake Yarascavitch goes through the ongoing responsibilities of the Academic Coach.


In this video, Dr. Heather Whittingham discusses the importance of setting Smart, Relevant, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely (SMART) goals when working with students.

Educational Alliance in Coaching a Resident

In this video, Dr. Jonel Miklea discusses how trust is the key concept in a coach/coachee relationship. By building trust, we can strengthen the education alliance between the coach and student, which leads to better feedback.

Being Coached: The Learner Perspective

In this video, Dr. Spencer van Mil discusses academic coaching from the learner’s perspective.

Coaching Models

In this video, Dr. Naveen Sidhu how the RX-OCR model and coaching feedback grid can assist you in structuring your feedback through the academic coaching process.

Templates and Resources

CBME has assembled a series of templates and resources dedicated to Academic Coaches. These templates can be found via the “resources” menu option, or directly via the link below.