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Competency Based Medical Education

CBME Committees

CBME Executive Committee

The CBME Executive Committee is accountable to the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education. The committee is responsible for the overall oversight and strategic planning for the implementation of Competence by Design in the RCPSC programs at McMaster University as well as ensuring that there is overall alignment with the CFPC. Review the Terms of Reference here.

Name Program
Parveen Wasi Associate Dean, PGME
Lisa Colizza CBME Lead/PGME
Sophia Boljanic PGME
Valerie Mueller Chair, Faculty Development Subcommittee
David Callen Chair, Learner Development Subcommittee
Ranil Sonnadara Co-Chair Program Evaluation Subcommittee
Julia Smerilli Co-chair, Program Administrators Subcommittee
Diane Reid Faculty, Otolaryngology
Sarah Kinzie Program Director, Family Medicine
Brad Petrisor Associate Chair, Surgery
Matt Newman Resident, Otolaryngology

CBME Implementation Subcommittee

The CBME Implementation Subcommittee is accountable to the CBME Executive Committee, Postgraduate Medical Education. Review the Terms of Reference here.

Name Program
Parveen Wasi Associate Dean, PGME
Lisa Colizza CBME Lead/PGME
Stuart McAslan Assistant Manager, PGME
Bojana Babic Associate Program Director, pediatrics
Alim Pardhan Program Director, Emergency Medicine
JoAnn Corey CBD Lead, Psychiatry
Diane Reid Faculty, Otolaryngology
Vanessa Lentz Psychiatry
Ranil Sonnadara Director, Education Science, Surgery
Alison Baker Chair, Physician Lead, Family Medicine, Waterloo
Ilun Yang Competence Committee Chair, General Surgery
Victoria David Resident, Hematology
Candice Stroud Program Administrator, Anesthesiology
Laura Klyne Education Lead, Pediatrics
Tracy Mestdagh Project Manager, MedSIS
Zuzana Romano MedSIS
Cheyenne Reid MedSIS Technical Support Analyst

CBME Evaluation Subcommittee

New July 2020. More information coming soon.

Name Program
Ranil Sonnadara Co-Chair, Surgery
Lisa Colizza CBME Lead, PGME
Parveen Wasi Associate Dean, PGME/CBME
JoAnn Corey CBE Lead, Psychiatry
Enas El Gouhary Program Director, Neonatal-Perinatal
Vanessa Lentz Psychiatry
Leslie Martin Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Crystal Hann CBD Lead, Radiation Oncology
Diane Reid Faculty, Otolaryngology
Allison Baker Assessment Director, Family Medicine
Julia Smerilli Program Administrator, Emergency Medicine
Scott Caterine Junior Resident, Diagnostic Radiology
Victoria McKinnon Junior Resident, Plastic Surgery
Kathleen Logie Senior Resident, General Surgery

CBME Faculty Development Subcommittee

The CBME Faculty Development Subcommittee is accountable to the CBME Executive Committee, Postgraduate Medical Education. Review the Terms of Reference here.

Name Program
Valerie Mueller Chair, Obstetrics Gynecology
Parveen Wasi PGME/CBME
Lisa Colizza CBME Lead, PGME
Ruth Chen Emergency Medicine
Ilun Yang General Surgery
Meera Luthra Endocrinology
Brad Petrisor General Surgery
Dillon Horth Anesthesiology
Snezana Popovic Anatomical Pathology
Siraj Mithoowani CBD Lead, Hematology
Christina Ma Internal Medicine

CBME Learner Development Subcommittee

The CBME Learner Development Subcommittee is accountable to the CBME Executive Committee, Postgraduate Medical Education. Review the Terms of Reference here.

Name Program
David Callen Chair, Pediatric Neurology
Lisa Colizza CBME Lead
Ghazaleh Kazemi Program Director, Medical Oncology
Lisa Van Houwelingen Program Director, General Surgery
Aaron Kugler Resident, Anesthesiology
Michelle Woolridge
Victoria David Resident, Hematology
Alexandra Davidson Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Phillip Staibano Resident, Otolaryngology
Elaine Choi Resident, Pediatric Neurology
Spencer van Mil Resident, Pediatrics
Shahistha Sayeda Resident, General Pathology
Stephan Tran Resident, Radiation Oncology
Bayane Sabsabi Resident, Neonatal-Perinatal
Vicky Breakey Undergraduate Representative, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Spencer Sample Resident, Emergency Medicine

This committee meets on an ad hoc basis. However, there are two annual joint meetings with the CBME Faculty Development Subcommittee.


CBME Resident Subcommittee

The CBME Resident Subcommittee is accountable to the CBME Learner Development Subcommittee. The Resident Subcommittee is comprised of a CBD Resident Lead from each program. Review the Terms of Reference here.

Name Program
Michelle Woolridge Co-Chair, Pediatrics
Abdullah Alrumaih Co-Chair, Urology
Nikfar Nikzad Anatomical Pathology
Michael Nixon Anesthesiology
Brian Wang Diagnostic Radiology
Alisha Greer Critical Care
Jeffrey Fournier Anatomical Pathology
Scott Caterine Diagnostic Radiology
Deeqo Mohamud Cardiology
Dennis Wang Gastroenterology
Madeleine Wootton Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Jordan Trevisonno Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Alex Dufort Geriatric Psychiatry
Vishal Varma Diagnostic Radiology
Nicole Li Diagnostic Radiology
Manijeh Mohammadi Endocrinology
Kristyne Onizuka Gastroenterology
Nermeen Feltaos General Pathology
Dana Trafford Geriatric Medicine
Wendy Ye Internal Medicine
Brody Duncan Medical Microbiology
Sapna Gupta Medical Oncology
Daniel Schep Radiation Oncology
Bayane Sabsabi Neonatal-Perinatal
Mez Kutky Nephrology
Taylor Duda Neurosurgery
Aaron Gazendam Orthopedic Surgery
Jakob Pugi Otolaryngology
Nasser Ambu-Ali Pediatric Critical Care
Falana Sheriff Pediatric Clinical Immunology & Allergy
Emily Hutchings Pediatrics
Kathleen Logie General Surgery
Louise Guolla Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Neha Arora Pediatric Neurology
Rachael Tweedle Psychiatry
Kazim Mirhadi Psychiatry WRC
Sandeep Dhillon Rheumatology
David Youssef Respirology
Hammad Rafay Respirology
Mohammed Farooqi Respirology
Sepideh Mohajeri Surgical Foundations
Graham McClure Vascular Surgery
August 10th 2022 at 17:30
November 9th 2022 at 17:30
February 15th 2023 at 17:30
April 12th 2023 at 17:30
June 21st 2023 at 17:30

CBME Program Administrators Subcommittee

The CBME Program Administrators Subcommittee assists and advises the Postgraduate Medical Education Office in developing an infrastructure that supports Program Administrators through the transition to CBD. The CBME Program Administrators Subcommittee is accountable to the CBME Executive Committee, Postgraduate Medical Education. Review the Terms of Reference here.

Name Program
Sarah Richardson (Co-chair) Critical Care Medicine
Julia Smerilli (Co-chair) Emergency Medicine
Lisa Colizza CBME Lead
Candice Stroud-Grundy Anesthesia
Andrea Howe Cardiac and Vascular Surgery
Jessica Klunder Family Medicine
Lynn Pacheco Geriatric Medicine
Wendy Clark Nephrology
Laura Klyne Pediatrics
Ann-Marie Turner Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Lauren Douglas Urology

CBME Faculty Leads

The CBME Program Lead (RCPSC) is the faculty member who will guide the transition and implementation process for competency based medical education at the program level. Within the Family Medicine program (CFPC), the faculty members most responsible for competency based medical education are the Triple C Leads (site directors, curriculum director, assessment director, and faculty development director). The CBME Program Lead and Triple C Lead will, in collaboration with the Program Director, ensure all aspects CBME implementation are carried out within the program.


Name Program
Mike Parrish Anesthesiology
Richard Whitlock Cardiac Surgery
Simon Oczkowski Critical Care Medicine
Jill Rudkowski Critical Care Medicine
Yoan Kagoma Diagnostic Radiology
Alim Pardhan Emergency Medicine
Zahira Khalid General Internal Medicine
Ilun Yang General Surgery
Mimi Wang (on leave) Geriatric Medicine
Mimi Wang (on leave) Geriatric Psychiatry
Siraj Mithoowani Hematology
Barbara Connolly Neurology
Blake Yarascavitch Neurosurgery
Valerie Mueller Obstetrics and Gynecology
Amadeo Rodriguez Ophthalmology
David Wilson Orthopedic Surgery
Christina Grant Pediatrics
Naveen Sidhu Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Celina Lin Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Mark McRae Plastic Surgery
JoAnn Corey Psychiatry
Crystal Hann Radiation Oncology
Muntasir Saffie Respirology
Raj Carmona Rheumatology
Poitr Zareba Urology
Fadi Elias Vascular Surgery