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Competency Based Medical Education

Build – 12 Months Before Launch

Complete the CBD renovations of your program

Team and resources

Continue to work with your team and support each other through the challenging parts of change.


Connect with your local network (CBME lead, PG office) for any changes to policies, procedures and practices you anticipate your CBD implementation will require

Secure local resources for key needs (faculty development, competence committee formation, assessment rollout, etc.).

Finish mapping and planning your local curriculum (i.e., rotations and training experiences) and choose observation tools for EPAs and training experiences. You may use and/or modify the four national observation templates and/or local tools.

Finalize logistics including scheduling and rotation changes. Work through planned changes, options and timing with your RPC, CBME lead and affected departments, divisions, programs and services to confirm directions for near-term and future stages as needed.

Ensure that program-specific policies are consistent with CBD (e.g., remediation, appeals, learner handover, promotion requirements, safety policy for any new rotations or sites).

Capacity building

Respond to faculty and resident input at CBD meetings as implementation work continues.

Monitor the field testing of workplace-based observations to set reasonable targets, evaluate observation tools, assess what additional faculty and resident development is needed and problem solve how to include EPA observations in daily workflow.

Mobilize a focused, strategic faculty and resident development program that ensures a growth mindset where everyone is ready to include workplace-based observations, feedback and coaching into their day-to-day work, including training faculty and residents in using your local ePortfolio assessment system. If possible, engage a team of faculty and residents in this process.

Determine how to use information from your competence committee deliberation to support resident performance planning and promotion decisions.

Recommended Resources


RCPSC – 2020 Top CBD Resources

Various resources recommended by stage of transition


CBD for CBD Template

Template for programs to use, adapt, and modify to help prepare their faculty for Competence by Design.


CBME Academic Coach Suggested Guidelines

Suggest Guidelines for an Academic Coach. Developed March 2018